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We are a company specializing in mobile phone cases. It is located in Guangzhou, China. It has been in the foreign trade business for 8 years and now our company is developing the Vietnamese market and other countries. Our factory supplies are directly to you. The price is cheaper than the price you buy in your country. If the quantity is large, we are sincerely willing to discuss with your company in person.
If you would like to purchase any style of mobile phone case, or would like to know the price of the latest mobile phone case in China, please contact us or send us an email (sales@clulan.com).You can visit our blog site to see the latest technology trends in our latest products and phone cases. (blog.clulan.com)

Delivered in Vietnam, customized for 7-14 days. Thank you.

1. Need a style that has already been sold in the market, please send us the photo, we will give you a quote and 5 detailed pictures. We can also provide you with free samples.
2. If you need a custom style, please send us pictures and requirements, we will give you the most affordable price.